Under the laws of Mississippi, if you operate any motor vehicle on the streets or highways, you must have a driver’s license or learner’s permit. As part of your examination, your eyes will be checked to make sure you see well enough to drive safely. The questions on the written knowledge test will be based on information taken from the Mississippi DMV Driver’s Manual, and will concern the Mississippi traffic laws, road signs, road rules and safe driving practices. The Mississippi DMV knowledge test consists of 30 questions, and you need 24 correct answers to pass (80%).
1. You are stopped at a stop sign and you are going to go straight through the intersection. A car on the cross road has stopped at a stop sign on your right and is going to go straight. Who has the right-of-way?
The car on your right.
Whoever enters the intersection first.
2. What is a likely effect when you take another drug while you drink alcohol?
If the drug is over-the-counter, there are no effects.
There are no effects, unless the drug is prescription only.
The effects of the alcohol and the drug are enhanced.
3. ABS is the acronym for:
Anti-Locking Brake System
Anti-Braking System
Average-Beam System
4. When you see this yellow sign, you should:
stop at the crosswalk until a crossing guards signals you to go.
always stop at the crosswalk.
be prepared to stop if children are in the crosswalk.
5. This sign means:
The road will curve to the right, then to the left.
Winding road ahead. Drive with caution.
Road slippery when wet. Drive slowly.
6. After parking, may you open a door on the road side of your vehicle?
Yes, always.
Yes, but only if it does not interfere with bicyclists and other traffic.
No, never.
7. Warning signs normally are:
8. What does this sign indicate?
Drivers will soon be on a roadway with two-way traffic.
The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways.
Winding road ahead. Drive with caution.
9. When you prepare to make a left turn from a one-way road into a one-way road, you must:
move into the right lane, or to the left side of a single lane.
move into the left lane, or to the left side of a single lane.
move into the right lane, or to the right side of a single lane.
10. When the traffic light is green, but traffic is blocking the intersection, drivers should:
continue into the intersection and wait for traffic to clear.
not enter the intersection until they can get completely across.
partially enter the intersection to establish their right of way.
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MS Permit Test Facts

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass: 24
Passing score: 80%
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