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DMV-Permit-Test.com's mission is to help improve the U.S. automotive and transportation system, by providing the best driver-related services online. We are committed to making public streets and highways safer for all road users, by helping U.S. citizens become better, more responsible drivers.

DMV-Permit-Test.com provides free access to a wealth of driver-related resources, including:

By granting free and easy access to these resources we help spread the knowledge of road rules, road signs, traffic laws and safe driving practices.

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With over 10,000 questions, DMV-Permit-Test.com provides the largest database of practice permit test questions available online. All questions are written by a professional editorial team and are based on the contents of each State’s Driver Manual.
Our online practice tests are designed to reflect the real DMV knowledge tests in terms of number of questions, types of question (road rules / road signs), number of possible answers, passing score etc.
Our dedicated team reviews the questions on a regular basis and updates them as needed, to reflect State-specific changes to road rules, traffic laws, and legal items.

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Many sites ask for your personal information before allowing you to take the tests. They then sell your data to auto insurance companies, or try to sell you a variety of unsolicited services.
Your privacy is important to us, and we never sell your personal information to third parties. We are committed to protecting your personal information. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

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Many users come to DMV-Permit-Test.com from word of mouth referrals. We are proud to help people learn and get their learner’s permits or driver’s licences. Your success gives us the energy to do what we do, every day. Here are some success stories that we’d like to share:

Just took my test today and passed! I wanted to thank you for this site, it’s easy to use and just a wonderful resource to study and practice! Thank you DMV-Permit-Test. Susan F, Florida

DMV Permit Test is amazing! Thanks for your help. I finally got my instruction permit and wanted to thank you for providing such a valuable resource. I took your free tests over and over until I felt I was ready… and I was! I have recommended this site to all of my friends. Thanks again! Lauren L, California

After failing the first time I was feeling I was never gonna make it. Thankfully a friend of mine mentioned DMV-Permit-Test.com. This site helped me A LOT! The questions are very comprehensive and many of them are nearly identical to the real ones. It helped me get ready for the real test. Plus the site is super easy to use and totally free. I passed with 96%! Guys I don’t know how to thank you. Brian P, Michigan