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The CDL general knowledge test is required to be taken by all CDL applicants. The Kansas CDL test consists of 50 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 40 questions (80%). The general knowledge test covers the contents of the Kansas CDL Manual. All CDL applicants (Class A, B and C) must study the following sections: Driving Safely, Transporting Cargo Safely, Air Brakes (if you plan to operate vehicles equipped with air brakes), Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Control Skills Test, Road Test. In addition, the Class A CDL test will include questions based on the Combination Vehicles section. Take this CDL practice test now to prepare for the actual KS general knowledge test! To get your CDL, you must pass both the knowledge and skills tests. CDL knowledge tests include: General Knowledge, Passenger Transport, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Hazardous Materials, Tanker Vehicles, Doubles/Triples, School Bus, Firefighter. Depending on what class of license (A, B or C) and endorsements you need, you must take one or more knowledge tests. A special endorsement is also required to drive certain types of vehicles. The following endorsements may be used with a Class A, B or C CDL: HazMat (H), Tank Vehicles (N), Tank Vehicles Transporting Hazardous Materials (X) and Passenger Transport (P). The School Bus endorsement (S) is only available for Class A or B CDL, and the Doubles/Triples endorsement (T) is only available for Class A driver's licenses.
1. If you must drive through a deep puddle you should:
speed up to get through the puddle as quickly as possible.
apply the brakes until your speed reaches 40 mph.
start slowly and Speed up smoothly and gradually so the vehicle does not jerk.
slow down and place transmission in a low gear.
2. If the low air pressure warning light comes on, you should:
call for help.
continue to drive normally.
set the parking brake.
stop immediately.
3. You should check air pressure and temperature gauges:
at the end of each trip.
as often as is practical.
at the beginning of each trip.
every time you stop.
4. Which of these is NOT a thing to do when caring for the injured at the scene of a crash?
Keep the injured persons cool.
Stop heavy bleeding by applying direct pressure to the wound.
Move a severely injured person if the danger of fire or passing traffic makes it necessary.
If a qualified person is helping the injured, stay out of the way unless asked to assist.
5. During a pre-trip inspection, you discover a power steering leak. You should:
report the problem after your trip and try to stay on schedule.
report the problem and start your trip, driving slower than normal.
report the problem and make arrangements to use another vehicle.
try to fix the problem while driving.
6. In the event of brake failure you should NOT:
pump the brakes.
use the parking brake.
shift up.
7. Which of the following is part of checking lights?
Getting out of the vehicle.
Turning off the engine and taking the key with you.
Turning on the headlights and four-way flashers.
All of the above.
8. The Gross Combination Weight (GCW) is:
the total weight of a single vehicle including its load.
the weight of the vehicle and its trailer(s).
the weight of the vehicle, trailer, and cargo.
the weight of the trailer and cargo.
9. To check the signal lights, do the following:
Turn off all the lights, turn on the stop lights, and turn on the left turn signal lights.
Turn on all the lights, turn off the stop lights, and turn off the left turn signal lights.
Turn on the stop lights, turn on all the lights, and turn on the right turn signal lights.
Turn off all the lights, turn on the right turn signal lights, and turn on the stop lights.
10. When a tire fails, the driver should:
drive on the shoulder.
swerve to the right.
immediately apply the brakes.
stay off the brake.
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KS CDL Practice Test

Number of questions: 50
Correct answers to pass:40
Passing score:80%
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