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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public streets and roads in Indiana is required to have a driver’s license or learner’s permit. All Indiana driver’s license or learner’s permit applicants are required to pass a vision screening test. The BMV written test is based on information contained in the Indiana Driver’s Manual. To pass the knowledge test, you must be able to read and understand regulatory, warning and traffic signs and signals, and you must demonstrate a basic understanding of Indiana road rules, traffic laws and safe driving practices. The BMV written test consists of 50 questions. To pass the test, you are allowed to miss 2 of the 16 questions about road signs, and 6 of the 34 questions about road rules.
1. This sign indicates:
A no-passing zone
A shared lane
A slow-moving vehicle
2. You should use turn signals to indicate your intention with sufficient time to allow other drivers to see the signal:
AFTER you move.
if it’s raining.
even if they are short sighted.
BEFORE you move.
3. Cellphone use while driving is permitted as long as the driver is using a hands-free device.
4. This road sign indicates that:
buses and car pools may not travel in the restricted lane.
vehicles cannot go straight ahead. Cars must turn either to the right or left.
a lane is reserved for certain purposes or certain vehicles.
None of the above.
5. A flashing yellow light:
Can be found before reaching a sharp curve or school crossing.
alerts drivers to a warning sign.
is used at dangerous intersections.
All of the above.
6. The sign in the picture:
means that you need to stop.
is found at most intersections and indicates that drivers must yield to other vehicles.
is displayed on the rear of slow moving vehicles.
is a Construction and Maintenance Traffic Control sign.
7. This sign means?
Hairpin corner ahead.
Warning: sharp left turn ahead.
You may make a U-turn.
You must make a U-turn.
8. This road sign means:
Railroad Warning
Stop ahead
Limited parking
Side Road
9. This road sign means:
Winding road ahead
Road curves ahead
Slippery when wet
Steep downgrade
10. If arrested with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 percent or more, an individuals driving privileges will be suspended for at least six months.
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IN DMV Permit Test Facts

Number of questions: 50
Signs questions: 16
Correct answers to pass: 42
Passing score: 84%
Number of questions: 50
Signs questions: 16
Correct answers to pass: 42
Passing score: 84%
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