Under the laws of Ohio, if you operate any motor vehicle on the streets or highways, you must have a driver’s license or learner’s permit. To get a license or learner’s permit, you must pass a driver knowledge test on Ohio traffic laws and road signs. The questions are multiple choice and are based on the material in the Ohio DMV Driver’s Manual. The written test is designed to check your knowledge of traffic signs, identification of signals and pavement markings, road rules and safe driving practices. The test consists of 40 questions. To pass the Ohio DMV written test, you are allowed to miss 5 of the 20 questions about road signs, and 5 of the 20 questions about road rules.
1. This road sign means:
Side Road
All traffic must go straight ahead
Merging Traffic
2. This road sign means:
Lane change
3. This road sign means:
Two-way traffic
Divided highway ends
Keep right
One-way traffic
4. This sign means:
Right turns not allowed.
Hairpin corner ahead.
Sharp right turn ahead.
Warning: U-turn ahead.
5. This sign tells drivers that:
there is a reduction of lanes ahead.
they must stay on the right side of the divider
there is a right turn ahead.
a divided highway ends ahead.
6. When they see this sign drivers should:
increase their speed, keep to the right, and pass.
watch for trucks entering the highway.
slow their speed, keep to the right, and do not pass.
slow their speed, keep to the left, and do not pass.
7. What is the slow moving vehicle symbol?
A reflective orange triangle
A reflective red square
A reflective yellow diamond
A reflective white triangle
8. This sign tells drivers that:
they must not make a right turn.
they must make a left turn at the intersection.
U-turns are not allowed.
None of the above.
9. This sign warns that:
traffic must merge right.
the bridge ahead is wide enough for only one vehicle at a time.
the pavement ends.
traffic must merge left.
10. This road sign means:
Do not drive in this lane
Do not enter
Slow down, stop, if necessary and yield the right-of-way
Drive with caution and be ready to slow down
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OH DMV License Test Facts

Number of questions: 40
Signs questions: 20
Correct answers to pass: 30
Passing score: 75%
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