Merging Traffic Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Merge sign: definition, type of sign, color, shape, what to do and more

Merge Sign
Type: warning sign
Color: yellow and black
Shape: diamond-shaped
Location: before an area where two traffic lanes merge

What does a Merge sign mean?

A Merging Traffic sign (also kown as Merge sign) warns drivers that they are coming to a point where another traffic lane joins the one they are on, and traffic may be merging into their lane. Merging vehicles must yield to traffic on the main route. When you see a Merge sign, watch for other traffic, and be ready to either change lanes or allow merging vehicles to merge into your lane.

What type of sign is the Merging Traffic road sign?

The Merge sign is a warning sign. The sign warns drivers about a condition or potential hazard requiring special attention.

What color(s) is a Merging Traffic road sign?

The Merging Traffic sign is yellow with black graphics.

What shape are Merging Traffic warning signs?

Merging Traffic signs are in the shape of a diamond, with a black arrow printed in the middle.

Where are Merging Traffic signs commonly installed?

Merging Traffic warning signs are installed before an area where two separate traffic lanes merge. These traffic signs are installed on expressways just before expressway ramps.
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Merging Traffic sign - What To Do

If you see a Merging Traffic sign while driving on a highway, you should:

• be aware that traffic may be merging into your lane from another roadway
• watch for other traffic
• move to the lane on your left to make space for merging vehicles when needed, or be ready to allow them to merge into your lane
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