Y Intersection Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Y-Intersection sign: definition, shape, color, type of sign and more

Y Intersection Sign
Type: warning sign
Color: yellow and black
Shape: diamond-shaped
Location: before Y-shaped intersections

What does a Y Intersection sign mean?

A Y Intersection sign warns drivers that a Y-shaped intersection is ahead. Y Intersections are three-way intersections with all roads being of equal importance.

What type of sign is a Y-Intersection sign?

A Y-Intersection sign is a warning sign. It warns drivers about a potential hazard or condition requiring special attention.

What are the colors of a Y Intersection sign?

Y Intersection signs have a yellow background with black graphics.

What shape are Y-Intersection signs?

Y-Intersection signs are in the shape of a diamond, and have a black "Y" printed in the center.

Where are Y Intersection signs commonly installed?

Y Intersection warning signs are placed before three-way intersections where all roads are of equal importance.
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Y Intersection Sign - What To Do

When you see a Y Intersection sign while driving:

• be aware that a three-way intersection is up ahead on the road
• be prepared to bear either right or left at the intersection
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