No Parking Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the No Parking sign: definition, color, shape, type of sign and more

No Parking Sign
Type: regulatory sign
Color: red, black and white
Shape: square
Location: areas where parking is prohibited.

What does a No Parking sign mean?

A No Parking sign tells drivers that they may not park in the area indicated by the sign. In some states additional pavement markings (usually yellow or white diagonal stripes) are used to inform motorists of parking restrictions.

What type of sign is a No Parking sign?

A No Parking sign is a regulatory sign (tells drivers not to do something).

What colors are on a No Parking sign?

A No Parking signs is red, black and white. It has a white background with a red circle and black lettering.

What shape are No Parking signs?

No Parking signs are in the shape of a square. There's a red circle, with a black "P" that's crossed out in red.

Where are No Parking signs commonly installed?

No Parking signs are installed in areas where drivers can't park or leave their vehicle.
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No Parking Sign - What To Do

The meaning of this sign is straight forward. If you see a No Parking sign while driving, do not park in the area indicated by the sign.
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