Hospital Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Hospital sign: definition, color, shape, type of sign and more

Hospital Sign
Type: service sign
Color: blue and white
Shape: square
Location: near hospitals

What does a Hospital sign mean?

Hospital signs inform drivers that there is a hospital nearby. They are service signs and are used to direct motorists towards a medical establishment. Hospital signs are frequently accompanied by a placard pointing in the direction of the hospital.

What type of sign are Hospital signs?

Hospital signs are service signs. Blue and white service signs direct drivers towards services such as hospitals, gas station, rest areas and motels.

What color(s) are Hospital signs?

Hospital signs are blue and white. They have a blue background with white lettering.

What shape are Hospital signs?

Hospital signs are in the shape of a square, and have a white "H" printed on a blue background.

Where are Hospital signs posted?

Hospital signs are posted where there is a medical establishment nearby.
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