Highway Guide Signs - Meaning

All you need to know about Highway guide signs: definition, type of sign, color, shape and more

Highway Guide Sign
Type: guide sign
Color: green and white
Shape: rectangle
Location: highways or expressways

What does a Highway guide sign mean?

Highway guide signs provide information about directions and distances to drivers. These signs are green with white letters. The high speed on highways and expressways can cause motorists to miss seeing a single sign, and drivers may need to make one or more lane changes, often in heavy traffic, in order to exit. For these reasons, usually one advance guide sign is followed by another advance sign, and a third sign is posted at the exit. Other guide signs include highway route markers, mile markers, street signs, exit signs, toll road signs, logo signs and rest area signs.

What type of sign are Highway guide signs?

Highway signs are guide signs. Green guide signs give information about directions and distances.

What are the color(s) of Highway Guide signs?

Highway Guide signs are green and white. They have a green background with white lettering.

What shape are Highway guide signs?

Highway guide signs are in the shape of a horizontal rectangle. You can find them less frequently in the shape of a shield or square.

Where are Highway guide signs commonly found?

Highway guide signs are used to give information about distances and directions to drivers on highways or expressways.
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