Loose Gravel Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Loose Gravel sign: shape, color, type of sign, what to do and more

Loose Gravel Sign
Type: warning sign
Color: yellow and black
Shape: diamond-shaped
Location: roads covered with loose gravel.

What does a Loose Gravel sign mean?

A LOOSE GRAVEL sign warns drivers that the road they are driving on is covered with loose gravel. When you see a Loose Gravel sign, slow down, keep control of your vehicle and allow extra space ahead. Do not brake suddenly or make sharp turns as this may cause you to skid.

What type of sign is a Loose Gravel sign?

The Loose Gravel sign is a warning sign. The sign warns road users about a potential hazard requiring special attention.

What are the color(s) of a Loose Gravel sign?

Loose Gravel signs are yellow with black lettering.

What shape are Loose Gravel signs?

Loose Gravel signs are in the shape of a diamond, with "LOOSE GRAVEL" written in black lettering.

Where are Loose Gravel signs commonly found?

Loose Gravel signs are commonly found before roads or stretches of road that are covered with loose gravel.
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Loose Gravel Sign - What To Do

When you see a LOOSE GRAVEL sign while driving:

• go slow enough to keep control of your vehicle
• do not apply brakes suddenly
• do not make sharp or sudden movements
• allow extra space ahead
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