One Way Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the One Way sign: definition, shape, color, type of sign and more

One Way Sign
Type: regulatory sign
Color: black and white
Shape: rectangle
Location: intersections, T-intersections and streets with uni-directional traffic

What do One Way signs mean?

One-Way signs tell drivers that the traffic on a street is traveling in one direction only. You must travel only in the direction of the arrow. Facing traffic the wrong way could result in a head-on collision.

What type of sign is a One Way sign?

A One Way sign is a regulatory sign. Regulatory signs give commands, set limits or control traffic.

What color(s) is a One Way sign?

A One Way sign is black and white. It has a black background with a white arrow.

What shape are One Way signs?

One Way signs are in the shape of a rectangle. They show a white horizontal arrow on a black background, with the words "ONE WAY" written in black inside the arrow.

Where are One-Way signs commonly posted?

One-Way signs are posted at intersections, T-intersections and streets where traffic must move in a single direction.
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One-Way Sign - What To Do

When you see a ONE-WAY sign while driving:

• be aware that you can only make a turn in the direction of the arrow
• you must travel only in the direction of the arrow
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