Flagger Ahead Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Flagger Ahead sign: definition, shape, color, type of sign, what to do and more

Flagger Ahead Sign
Type: work zone sign
Color: orange and black
Shape: diamond-shaped
Location: work sites

What does a Flagger Ahead sign mean?

A Flagger Ahead sign is used to warn motorists that a flagger is controlling traffic ahead. Flaggers work in road construction/maintenance areas to help direct traffic safely through the work zone. They wear fluorescent/bright colored vests or jackets and use paddles, signs or red flags to signal traffic to stop or slow down. If you are approaching or traveling through a work zone, use caution and be prepared to reduce your speed or stop when directed to do so by a flagger.

What type of sign is a Flagger Ahead sign?

A Flagger Ahead sign is a work zone sign. These signs are used to notify drivers of potentially dangerous conditions near work areas.

What are the colors of a Flagger Ahead sign?

Flagger Ahead signs are orange with a black design.

What shape are Flagger Ahead signs?

Flagger Ahead signs are in the shape of a diamond and have a black design of a flagger printed in the center.

Where is the Flagger Ahead commonly posted?

The Flagger Ahead sign is posted in road construction and maintenance work areas.
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Flagger Ahead Sign - What To Do

When you see a FLAGGER AHEAD sign, you should:

• be aware that a flagger is controlling traffic ahead
• be prepared to stop or slow down when directed to do so by a flagger
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