Low Clearance Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Low Clearance sign: definition, type of sign, shape, color and more

Low Clearance Sign
Type: warning sign
Color: yellow and black
Shape: diamond-shaped
Location: before bridges with low vertical clearance

What does a Low Clearance sign mean?

A Low Clearance sign warns road that the overpass ahead has a low clearance. The sign indicates the actual overhead clearance of a bridge, overpass or other elevated structure. If your vehicle is taller than the height listed on the sign, do not enter and take another route.

What type of sign is a Low Clearance sign?

A Low Clearance sign is a warning sign. The sign warns road users about a condition or obstacle requiring special attention.

What are the colors of a Low Clearance sign?

Low Clearance signs have a yellow background with black graphics and numbers.

What shape are Low Clearance signs?

Low Clearance signs are in the shape of a diamond. Two arrows at the top and bottom of the sign represent the clearance between the roadway and the overhead obstruction. The numbers in the center indicate the actual clearance.

Where are Low Clearance signs commonly posted?

Low Clearance warning signs are installed before overhead bridge structures or other overhead obstructions with a low vertical clearance.
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Low Clearance Sign

When you see a Low Clearance sign while driving:

• be aware that the bridge or overpass ahead has a low clearance
• do not proceed if your vehicle is taller than the height shown on the sign
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