Wrong Way Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Wrong Way sign: definition, color, shape, type of sign, what to do and more

Wrong Way Sign
Type: regulatory sign
Color: red and white
Shape: rectangle
Location: entrance or exit ramps

What does a Wrong Way sign mean?

A Wrong Way sign means that you are going the wrong way on an entrance or exit ramp. The sign was introduced to prevent serious accidents caused by wrong-way drivers. WRONG WAY signs may be installed with a DO NOT ENTER sign. If you see one or both of these signs, you are going the wrong way. Do not drive past a Wrong Way sign! You are going against traffic and could have a head-on collision. You must back up or turn around immediately.

What type of sign is a Wrong Way sign?

A Wrong Way sign is a regulatory sign (it tells drivers not to do something).

What color(s) are Wrong Way signs?

Wrong Way signs are red and white. They have white letters on a red background.

What shape are Wrong Way signs?

Wrong Way signs are in the shape of a rectangle with longer horizontal sides. The words "WRONG WAY" are written in white on a red background.

Where are Wrong Way signs installed?

Wrong Way signs are posted on entrance or exit ramps to prevent wrong-way driving.
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Wrong Way Sign - What To Do

If you see a WRONG WAY while driving:

• do NOT drive past the sign! You are going against traffic
• back up or turn around immediately
• if turning around immediately is not possible, drive to the side of the road and stop
• when it is safe, turn around or back out and go back to the road you were on
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