Road Closed Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Road Closed sign: definition, color, shape, type of sign, what to do and more

Road Closed Sign
Type: regulatory sign
Color: black and white
Shape: rectangle
Location: before closed roads

What does a Road Closed sign mean?

A Road Closed sign tells drivers that the road is closed: even though a road exists, it's closed to all traffic. The sign is frequently accompanied by a "Detour" sign. When you see a Road Closed sign, follow the detour sign.

What type of sign is a Road Closed sign?

The Road Closed sign is a regulatory sign. Regulatory signs set limits, control traffic or give commands.

What color(s) is the Road Closed sign?

The Road Closed sign is black and white. The sign has a white background with black lettering.

What shape is a Road Closed sign?

A Road Closed sign has the shape of a rectangle with longer horizontal sides. The sign has a black border, and the words "ROAD CLOSED" written in black.

Where are Road Closed signs posted?

Road Closed signs are posted where roads are closed due to road work, road maintenance or other, more permanent reasons.
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Road Closed Sign - What To Do

When you see a ROAD CLOSED sign while driving:

• be aware that the road is closed to all traffic
• follow the detour sign
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