Who is required to have a Michigan driver's license?

Every resident who drives in Michigan.

Who is considered a resident in Michigan?

Everyone who reside in Michigan and has established his/her legally presence in the state.

I have just moved to Michigan. What do I have to do?

You must immediately title and register your vehicle at a Secretary of State office. You can use your out-of-state driver's license until your state residency is established. Once this happens you must apply for a MI driver's license.

How long is a Michigan driver's license valid for?

It is usually valid for 2 years and expires on your birthday in the year shown on the license. If you are younger than 21, your license expires on your 21st birthday.

I am 18 years old or older. How can I obtain a Michigan driver's license?

  • Provide your Social Security Number;
  • Provide proof of US Citizenship or Legal Presence documentation;
  • Provide an identity document;
  • Provide 2 proofs of Michigan residency;
  • Pass a vision test;
  • Meet the health standards set by the Secretary of State's Office;
  • Pass a knowledge test;
  • Pay the license fee;
  • Complete a minimum 30 days of practice driving on a temporary instruction permit;
  • Pass a driving skills test.
You will be issued a temporary operator's permit and you will be placed on probation for at least 3 years.


I am younger than 18 years of age, can I apply for a Michigan driver's license?

Yes, but you must meet the requirements of the Michigan Graduated Driver Licensing program.

How is the GDL in Michigan structured?

You must meet the requirements of three licensing levels to obtain a full driver's license. Your driving privileges are increased at each level as you gain driving skills and confidence.

When does the GDL end?

When you turn 18.

How do I pass the first level of the GDL program?

Get the first part of your driver's education, pass your knowledge test and obtain your instruction permit.

Do I have any restriction when practicing driving with my instruction permit?

Yes, you are allowed to drive only if accompanied by a licensed driver of at least 21 years of age who is occupying the passenger seat.

How long do I have to hold my instruction permit?

For at least 6 months. You must complete the second part of your driver's education and at least 50 hours of supervised driving.

Do I get my driver's license after I pass my road test?

Yes, you will a receive a license and you will be on a 3-years probation period.

Do I have any restriction during the three-years probation period?

Yes, if you are under 18 years of age you may not:
  • drive between 10 pm and 5 am;
  • drive with more than one passenger who is less than 21 years old.


Can I wear glasses or contact lenses during the vision test?

Yes. If you require corrective lenses to pass the vision test, you must also wear them while driving.

How can I prepare for the Michigan knowledge test?

Study the What Every Driver Must Know booklet available at https://www.michigan.gov and practice on DMV-Permit-Test.com.

How many questions are there on the MI written test?

The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions.

What is the score required to pass the knowledge test in Michigan?

You must correctly answer at least 40 questions.

Where can I take my Michigan knowledge test?

If you are younger than 18 you will take your written test during the first part of your driver's education. If you are 18 years old or older you must go to a Michigan SOS office.

I failed my knowledge or driving test, when can I retake it?

You must wait at least 24 hours. Study the manual carefully and practice before retaking the test.

How is the driving skills test in Michigan structured?

The driving test consists of 2 parts. In the first part, you have to pass a series of off-street, closed-course maneuvers. The second part is an on-road driving skills test.