Speed Limit Sign - Meaning

All you need to know about the Speed Limit sign: definition, color, shape, type of sign and more

Speed Limit Sign
Type: regulatory sign
Color: black and white
Shape: rectangle
Location: roads, highways and freeways

What do Speed Limit signs mean?

Speed Limit signs tell drivers the fastest speed allowed when both visibility and weather conditions are favorable. The safest speed is the one that allows drivers to have complete control of their vehicle and avoid collisions. When you see a speed limit sign, do not exceed the indicated speed. Adjust your driving speed to the weather, traffic and roadway conditions. Driving too slowly can also be dangerous. Do not drive so slowly that you delay or block traffic moving at normal speeds. You should drive with the flow of traffic (within the speed limit).

What type of sign is a Speed Limit sign?

A Speed Limit sign is a regulatory sign. Regulatory signs set limits, control traffic or give commands.

What are the colors of Speed Limit signs?

Speed Limit signs are black and white. They have black letters and numbers on a white background.

What shape are Speed Limit signs?

Speed Limit signs are in the shape of a vertical rectangle, with the words "SPEED LIMIT" and the speed printed in black on a white background.

Where are Speed Limit signs commonly installed?

Speed Limit signs are often installed on residential streets, roads, highways and freeways.
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Speed Limit Sign - What To Do

When you see a Speed Limit sign while driving, you must:

• adjust your speed so that it does not exceed the posted speed limit
• rather than driving at the legal posted speed limit, adjust your driving speed to the weather and road conditions
• do not not drive so slowly that you block or delay traffic moving at normal, safe speeds
• drive with the flow of traffic, within the speed limit
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