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Test your knowledge of road signs and their meanings! Regardless of the State you are studying for, questions about traffic signs, their shapes, colors and meanings are always going to be a key part of your DMV written test. This road signs test was designed to help you practice for the official DMV knowledge test. The test includes 100 questions about regulatory signs, warning signs, work zone signs, guide signs and service signs. The official DMV written test is designed to also check your knowledge of traffic laws, road rules and safe driving practices. So, after taking this road signs test, be sure to check our comprehensive set of DMV practice tests.
1. This sign is a:
warning sign
regulatory sign.
stop sign.
guide sign.
warning sign.
2. Which sign has white letters on a red background?
School zone
Speed limit
3. This sign warns drivers that:
double curve sign
there is a winding road ahead.
There is a low place in the road ahead.
there is a double curve ahead.
the highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways. Drivers should keep to the right.
4. What message is found on pennant shaped signs?
no passing zone 2
Traffic merging from the right.
No passing zone.
Drive with caution: the road ahead turns right.
Right turns only.
5. This sign is a warning that you are approaching:
advance warning sign
a dead-end street.
a crosswalk.
an intersection.
a railroad crossing.
6. This sign means:
hairpin corner
Sharp right turn ahead.
Warning: U-turn ahead.
Right turns not allowed.
Hairpin corner ahead.
7. When they approach this sign, drivers must:
school crossing sign
slow down and watch for children crossing the road.
obey signals from crossing guards.
stop if necessary.
All of the above.
8. The octagonal shape is used:
to warn drivers of existing or possible hazards on roadways.
for stop signs and railroad advance warning signs.
exclusively for stop signs.
for yield signs.
9. When you see this sign you should:
double curve sign
increase your speed and try to pass other vehicles.
prepare to slow down and possibly yield to oncoming traffic.
slow your speed and be prepared to stop.
slow down and do not pass other vehicles.
10. __________ are blue with white letters and symbols.
Service signs
Regulatory signs
Warning signs
Destination signs (guide signs)
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Road Signs Practice Test

Number of questions: 100
Correct answers to pass:80
Passing score:80%
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