What is the age requirement to obtain a Virginia driver’s license?

If you are at least 19 years of age you may obtain a driver’s license. If you are at least 15 ½ years old you may apply for a learner’s permit.

Which documents are required to apply for a driver’s license or learner’s permit in Virginia?

  • Proof of identification;
  • Social Security Number;
  • Proof of citizenship or proof of authorized presence in the US
  • Proof of Virginia Residency.

Do I have to pass a test to obtain a Virginia driver’s license?

Yes, you must pass the vision screening, knowledge and road skills tests.

I need contact lenses or corrective glasses to pass the vision test. Can I wear them?

Yes. You must always wear them when you drive.


Who can apply for a Virginia learner’s permit?

Every resident of at least 15 ½ years of age.

Do I have any restriction while driving with my Virginia learner’s permit?

Yes. You must be accompanied by a legal guardian/tutor or by a licensed driver of at least 21 years of age seated beside you.

How can I obtain my Virginia learner’s permit?

  • Be at least 15 ½ years old;
  • Provide the required documents;
  • Pass your knowledge test.


How is the VA knowledge test structured?

There are two parts on the knowledge exam: the first one is about traffic signs and the second one about motor vehicle laws and safe driving.

How many questions are on the Virginia DMV knowledge test?

You must answer 10 traffic signs questions and 30 general multiple choice questions.

What is the score required to pass the test?

You must correctly answer at least 80% of the questions in part one and two.

How can I prepare for the Virginia knowledge test?

All the questions on the knowledge exam are taken from the official Virginia Driver’s Manual. Study it carefully and practice with our Virginia DMV writtent test.

I failed my knowledge test. What do I have to do?

If you are under 18 years of age: you must wait a full 15 days before you take take the exam again.
If you are at least 18 years of age: you may retake the exam without a 15-days waiting period by paying a fee.


Which documents do I need to provide in order to take the road skills test?

  • Proof of completion of driver’s education, or
  • CSMA 19 form signed by a licensed driver who certifies that you successfully practiced the driving tasks required for the road skills test.

When can I take my road skills test?

If you are under age 18 you must hold your learner’s permit for at least 9 months, complete a driver’s education course and complete 45 hours of behind-the-wheel training (including 15 at night).
If you are at least 18 years of age you have two possibilities:
  • hold your learner’s permit for 60 days and take the test with a DMV staff member;
  • complete a driver education course and take the test with the driver training school.

I failed my Road Test. When can I take it again?

You must wait at least two days before retaking it. You have up to three attempt with the DMV. After that you will have to successfully complete the in-vehicle part of driver education.