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The tanker endorsement applies to drivers who wish to drive a tank in Class A, B, or C CDL. To add this endorsement to your CLP/CDL, you must pass a knowledge test on the problems posed by large volume liquid cargos. The Idaho CDL tank vehicles test consists of 20 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 16 questions (80%). The ID tanker test covers the following sections of the Idaho CDL Manual: Driving Safely, Combination Vehicles, Tank Vehicles, Hazardous Materials. Take this ID tanker practice test now to prepare for the actual test!
1. Which of the the following statements about fatigue is true?
Fatigue impairs your vision and judgment.
Fatigued driving is one of the leading causes of accidents.
All of the above.
2. Even if you are not required to always stop at railroad crossings and you are sure no train is approaching, you must stop before reaching the crossing if:
the tracks are not clear.
there is oncoming traffic.
you can drive completely through the crossing without stopping.
3. How should you brake if your vehicle loses ABS?
Pump the brake repeatedly
Brake as you always have.
Step on and off the brake pedal several times
4. ABS:
helps you increase your average speed.
does not decrease your stopping distance.
helps you increase your following distance.
5. Emergency lines are often coded with the color ___ to keep from getting them mixed up with the service line.
6. The shipper must certify on the shipping paper:
that the shipment has been prepared according to the rules.
that the package is safe.
that the package contains hazardous materials.
7. A high center of gravity:
requires special transit permits.
makes the vehicle easy to roll over.
makes the vehicle less likely to roll over.
8. If the drive wheels begin to spin when accelerating, you should:
continue to accelerate.
take your foot off the accelerator.
brake gently.
9. In a convex mirror everything appears:
10. Which of the following is true? If a HazMat is a Poison Inhalation Hazard:
the material will have special requirements for shipping papers.
a POISON INHALATION HAZARD placard must be used in addition to other placards.
All of the above.
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Tanker Test - ID CDL

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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