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The tanker endorsement applies to drivers who wish to drive a tank in Class A, B, or C CDL. To add this endorsement to your CLP/CDL, you must pass a knowledge test on the problems posed by large volume liquid cargos. The Utah CDL tank vehicles test consists of 20 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 16 questions (80%). The UT tanker test covers the following sections of the Utah CDL Manual: Driving Safely, Combination Vehicles, Tank Vehicles, Hazardous Materials. Take this UT tanker practice test now to prepare for the actual test!
1. If your brakes fail on a steep mountain downgrade, you should:
stay on the road and keep looking for the next available escape ramp.
decide what to do as soon as you know your brakes do not work.
slow down until your vehicle comes to a complete stop.
set the parking brake and park in an open area.
2. Column 2 in the Hazardous Material Table contains:
the hazard class or division.
the label codes.
the identification numbers.
the HazMat description and shipping name.
3. Liquid surge occurs in:
overfilled tanks.
partially filed tanks.
empty tanks.
All of the above.
4. If a drawbridge does not have a signal light or traffic control attendant, you should:
stop and look to make sure the draw is completely closed before crossing.
stop at least 5 feet before the draw of the bridge.
drive through the drawbridge with caution.
get through the drawbridge as quickly as possible.
5. Which of the following statements about backing heavy vehicles is true?
You should avoid backing whenever you can.
Always back as quickly as possible.
The helper should stand where you cannot see the helper.
Back to the right side so that you can see better.
6. To obtain the HazMat endorsement, you must pass a ________ background check.
Transportation Security Administration
Law Enfrocement Agency
Local Department of Security
Federal Bureau of Investigation
7. Empty trucks:
require greater stopping distances than full trucks.
have more traction than full trucks.
stop quicker when you use only the emergency or parking brake.
None of the above.
8. Your vehicle has air brakes. To stop, you should:
push the brake pedal down.
pump the brake pedal 3 times.
pull the parking brake control knob out.
release the accelerator, push in the clutch, and shift to Neutral at the same time.
9. Before operating the vehicle, the driver should:
should not review the vehicle inspection report and immediately try to find any vehicle defects.
rely on the last vehicle inspection and skip the pre-trip inspection.
review the last vehicle inspection report.
None of the above.
10. If a tank is leaking, you should:
call your dispatcher or supervisor for instructions.
get the leak fixed immediately.
flash your brake lights to warn other motorists.
continue the trip until you can pull into a service station.
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UT CDL Tanker Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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