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The tanker endorsement applies to drivers who wish to drive a tank in Class A, B, or C CDL. To add this endorsement to your CLP/CDL, you must pass a knowledge test on the problems posed by large volume liquid cargos. The Maryland CDL tank vehicles test consists of 20 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 16 questions (80%). The MD tanker test covers the following sections of the Maryland CDL Manual: Driving Safely, Combination Vehicles, Tank Vehicles, Hazardous Materials. Take this MD tanker practice test now to prepare for the actual test!
1. Excessive use of the service brakes results in overheating. Too much heat can:
cause the brakes to squeak.
make the brakes stop working.
cause the brakes apply unevenly.
cause the brakes to grab.
2. Which of these statements about using your mirrors is FALSE?
When driving, you should check mirrors regularly to know where other vehicles are around you.
You should use your mirrors to spot overtaking vehicles.
There are blind spots that your mirrors cannot show you.
None of the above.
3. Your vehicle may take longer to stop:
if the tank is empty.
if the tank is full of dense liquid.
if you are driving in hot weather.
if the road is dry.
4. You should always adjust your speed to be able to stop within:
30 feet.
the distance you can see ahead.
50 feet.
the length of your vehicle.
5. Rims with welding repairs:
can be used for tires in the rear of the vehicle.
are not safe.
can be used for tires in the front of the vehicle.
are acceptable only when carrying a heavy load.
6. The shipper must certify on the shipping paper:
that the shipment has been prepared according to the rules.
that the package is safe.
that the package contains hazardous materials.
Al of the above.
7. When checking the engine compartment:
wheels should not be chocked.
you should put the gearshift in neutral.
the engine should be running.
the parking brake should be on.
8. If a vehicle is equipped with ABS, when you start the engine:
the trailer emergency brakes will come on.
the wheels will lock up.
the spring brakes will come on.
the ABS indicator light on the dash should come on and then turn off.
9. When confronted by an aggressive driver, you should:
call the police, if you have a cell phone and can do it safely.
make every attempt to get out of their way.
avoid eye contact.
All of the above.
10. Retarders:
reduce the danger of slipping.
help slow a vehicle, reducing the need for using brakes.
reduce braking distance.
improve gas mileage.
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MD Tanker Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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