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Drivers who want to drive combination vehicles must pass the combination vehicles test. The Alabama CDL combination test consists of 20 questions, and you'll need at least 16 correct answers to pass (80%). The test covers the combination vehicles section of the Alabama CDL Manual. Take this practice test now to prepare for the actual AL CDL combination test!
1. Empty trucks require _____ stopping distances because empty vehicles have ______ traction.
less; more
greater; less
greater; more
less; less
2. When approaching a vehicle with a distracted driver, you should:
sound your horn.
quickly pass the vehicle.
change lanes quickly.
maintain your safe following distance.
3. Combination vehicles have __ air lines.
4. Dual tires:
are dangerous.
should not come in contact with each other.
should come in contact with each other whenever possible.
should always come in contact with each other.
5. When a vehicle goes around a corner, the rear wheels:
follow the same path as the front wheels.
will lock up.
will turn freely.
follow a different path than the front wheels.
6. When you turn suddenly while pulling doubles, which trailer is most likely to turn over?
The front trailer is twice as likely to turn over as the tractor.
The rear trailer is twice as likely to turn over as the tractor.
All trailers are equally likely to turn over.
None of the above.
7. On any upgrade, gravity:
doubles your speed.
speed you up.
slows you down.
doesn't affect your speed.
8. A burning tire must be:
cooled with water.
covered with cloth.
immediately removed from the vehicle.
None of the above.
9. When uncoupling a trailer, after shutting off the trailer air supply to lock the trailer brakes, you should:
inspect the trailer supports.
immediately apply your tractor parking brakes.
back up gently to ease the pressure on the fifth-wheel locking jaws.
pull the tractor forward until the fifth-wheel comes out from under the trailer.
10. If there is a cargo fire in a van or box trailer, you should:
enlist the help of bystanders.
open the doors, especially if your cargo contains hazardous materials.
keep driving until you reach help.
keep the doors shut.
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AL CDL Combination Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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