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The passenger endorsement applies to drivers who want to drive a bus in any Class A, B, or C CDL. Applicants must pass a special knowledge test, and must pass skills tests in a passenger vehicle. The District of Columbia CDL passenger test consists of 20 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 16 questions (80%). The DC passenger test covers the following sections of the District of Columbia CDL Manual: Driving Safely, Transporting Passengers, Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Control Skills Test and Road Test. Take this DC practice test now to prepare for the actual passenger test!
1. Carry-on baggage:
should not be left in the aisle.
must be left in the aisle.
may be left in the aisle.
None of the above.
2. What factors can cause brakes to fail or fade?
Excessive use of the service brakes
Brakes out of adjustment
Not relying on the engine braking effect
All of the above.
3. When arriving at the destination, all of the following should be announced except:
Reason for stopping
The location
Next departure time
The outside temperature
4. While you are driving, the emergency exit door:
should never be closed.
should be opened if the bus gets too hot.
can be opened at night.
should always be closed.
5. Buses must never carry:
emergency hospital supplies.
small arms ammunition labeled ORM-D.
irritating material.
All of the above.
6. When dealing with a disruptive rider, you should:
discharge the rider at the next scheduled stop.
discharge such rider immediately.
give the rider a cup of coffee.
call for help.
7. If your brakes fail on a steep mountain downgrade, you should:
use an escape ramp if it is available.
change lanes after making sure there is enough room.
leave the road immediately.
go right if the shoulder is clear.
8. When you use mirrors while driving on the road, you should:
check quickly.
never look back and forth between the mirrors and the road ahead.
only use one mirror.
focus on the mirrors for a long time.
9. When you are driving a school bus, the emergency exit doors or windows must always:
stay open.
be closed.
have a red door light turned on.
None of the above.
10. Pre-trip inspections:
should not be done unless the vehicle has problems that could cause a breakdown.
should always be done in the same order.
should not be done when a vehicle inspection report is available.
are optional when the driver is familiar with the vehicle.
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DC Passenger Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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