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Any driver, regardless of the vehicle Class, who wants to haul hazardous materials, must add an “H” endorsement to their CDL. In order to obtain the Hazmat endorsement drivers are required to pass a Transportation Security Administration background check and a knowledge test. The Minnesota hazmat test consists of 30 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 24 questions (80%). The MN CDL hazmat test covers the information found in the Minnesota CDL Manual. Study the chapter covering hazardous materials to learn how to recognize, handle, and transport Hazmat, then take this practice test to prepare for your exam!
1. When using a fire extinguisher, you should:
Keep as close to the fire as possible.
Aim at the flames.
Aim at the base of the fire.
All of the above.
2. When meeting an oncoming vehicle at night, if the other driver does not put their low beams on, you should:
look slightly to the right to avoid looking directly at the lights of the oncoming vehicle.
flash your high beams at the other driver.
"get back at the other driver" by putting your own high beams on.
slow down and look straight ahead in your lane.
3. When shippers package hazardous materials, they certify that the package has been prepared according to the rules. The only exceptions are when:
a shipper is a private carrier transporting their own product, and when the package is provided by the carrier.
a shipper is a private carrier transporting hazardous waste.
the package is clearly unsafe and does not comply with HMR rules.
the sealed loads is provided by the carrier and the package cannot be inspected.
4. A placarded vehicle must have a fire extinguisher with a rating of:
5 B:C or more
10 A:B or more
10 B:C or more
5 A:B or more
5. To know if your vehicle is equipped with ABS, look for:
an ABS placard.
the ABS shipping paper.
a yellow ABS malfunction lamps on the instrument panel.
the ABS logo on the steering wheel.
6. If your brakes fail on a steep mountain downgrade, you should:
change lanes after making sure there is enough room.
use an escape ramp if it is available.
leave the road immediately.
go right if the shoulder is clear.
7. If the letter "G" appears in Column 1 of the Hazardous Materials Table, the description must also include:
the shipper's name.
the source of the HazMat.
the hazard class or division.
the technical name of the HazMat.
8. If you are being tailgated, you should:
speed up.
increase your following distance.
move to the left lane.
flash your brake lights.
9. At the shipper’s dock you are given a paper for 100 cartons of battery acid. If you already have 100 pounds of silver cyanide on board, what precautions do you have to take?
Load the battery acid so the liquid won't spill.
Load the battery acid on top of the silver cyanide.
Do not load the battery acid.
Load the silver cyanide on top of the battery acid.
10. If you are driving a 40-foot vehicle at 35 mph, you should leave at least _____ between you and the vehicle ahead.
3 seconds
5 seconds
6 seconds
4 seconds
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Hazmat CDL Test (MN)

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
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