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Drivers who want to drive combination vehicles must pass the combination vehicles test. The Virginia CDL combination test consists of 20 questions, and you'll need at least 16 correct answers to pass (80%). The test covers the combination vehicles section of the Virginia CDL Manual. Take this practice test now to prepare for the actual VA CDL combination test!
1. Hydroplaning:
only happens when tire pressure is higher than normal.
only occurs at extremely high speeds.
can occur at speeds as low as 30 mph.
2. A red triangle with an orange center means:
The vehicle is hauling hazardous materials
Law enforcement vehicle
Slow-moving vehicle
3. After supplying air to the trailer brake system, you should check the brake system for crossed air lines by:
applying and releasing the trailer brakes and listening for the sound of trailer brakes.
shutting the engine off so you can hear the brakes.
All of the above.
4. What factors can cause brakes to fail or fade?
Brakes out of adjustment
Excessive use of the service brakes
All of the above.
5. A vehicle inspection should be done in the same order each time:
because it is required by law.
so you are less likely to forget something.
because the report must be written in that order.
6. If you get stuck on the railroad tracks, the first thing you should do is:
stay in your vehicle and call 911.
scream for help.
immediately get out of the cab and move away from the tracks.
7. If the ABS is not working:
you still have normal brake functions.
the vehicle will have weak brakes.
the vehicle will have no brakes.
8. When inspecting the coupling, check that the safety latch is:
in position over the locking lever.
in the "lock" position.
pushing against the kingpin.
9. When coupling, you should:
make sure the trailer kingpin is bent.
be aware that wrong coupling and uncoupling can be very dangerous.
make sure the trailer wheels are not chocked.
10. After starting the engine, oil pressure should rise to a normal level:
within 2 minutes.
within 6 minutes.
within seconds.
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CDL Combination Test (VA)

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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