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Drivers who want to drive combination vehicles must pass the combination vehicles test. The Washington CDL combination test consists of 20 questions, and you'll need at least 16 correct answers to pass (80%). The test covers the combination vehicles section of the Washington CDL Manual. Take this practice test now to prepare for the actual WA CDL combination test!
1. When going down grades, you should:
downshift to a lower gear.
put the transmission in Neutral.
shift up.
2. Hydroplaning:
only happens when tire pressure is higher than normal.
only occurs at extremely high speeds.
can occur at speeds as low as 30 mph.
3. What is the proper following distance for a 40 foot truck traveling at 35 mph?
10 seconds
12 seconds
4 seconds
4. If driving a new vehicle, you should familiarize yourself with the controls and equipment:
before you start driving.
within the first 50 miles.
as you drive.
5. If a load is 10 feet long, the minimum number of tie-downs required is:
6. You are coupling a semi-trailer to your tractor but have not yet backed under. The trailer is at the right height when:
the end of the kingpin is even with the top of the fifth wheel.
it will be raised slightly when the tractor is backed under it.
the locking jaws are around the head of the kingpin.
7. The two most important things that a driver can do to prevent a rollover when driving a combination vehicle are:
Driving slowly around turns and keeping the cargo as close to the ground as possible
Keeping cargo near the center of the vehicle and driving slowly on turns
Keeping cargo near center of vehicle and driving slowly on the highway
8. Antifreeze:
helps the engine only under hot conditions.
helps the engine only when the temperature is below freezing.
helps the engine under hot conditions as well as cold conditions.
9. A steering wheel should have no more than _____ of play. If there is more play than this, it may be hard to steer.
30 degrees
10 degrees
15 degrees
10. An Anti-lock Braking System:
increases a vehicle's stopping power.
keeps your wheels from locking when you brake hard.
increases the distamce required to stop on slippery surfaces.
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CDL Combination Test (WA)

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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