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Any driver, regardless of the vehicle Class, who wants to haul hazardous materials, must add an “H” endorsement to their CDL. In order to obtain the Hazmat endorsement drivers are required to pass a Transportation Security Administration background check and a knowledge test. The Washington hazmat test consists of 30 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 24 questions (80%). The WA CDL hazmat test covers the information found in the Washington CDL Manual. Study the chapter covering hazardous materials to learn how to recognize, handle, and transport Hazmat, then take this practice test to prepare for your exam!
1. When you're going uphill and a heavy load is slowing you down, you should:
stay in the left lane if you can.
shift into a lower gear.
pass another slow vehicle to gain speed.
2. To transport hazardous materials, drivers need:
a CDL license with hazardous material endorsement.
a CDL license only.
a CDL license with a tank endorsement.
3. Most heavy vehicles require ________ change gears.
double clutching
single clutching
double shifting
4. When possible, you should park:
so you will be able to pull forward when you leave.
on the shoulder.
so you will have to back up when you leave.
5. If you get stuck on railroad tracks, you should:
have a helper push your vehicle.
get out of the vehicle and away from the tracks.
stay in the vehicle and call for help.
6. If you discover a cargo leak, you should call for help and:
touch the leaking HazMat to identify the material.
try to identify the material by smell.
use shipping papers to identify the leaking material.
7. If your trucks has a high center of gravity, which of the following is true for curves?
You should slow down, as your truck can roll over at the posted speed limit for the curve.
Reduce your speed to a crawl.
You should travel at the posted speed limit.
8. If hazardous materials are spilling from your vehicle while you are driving:
touch the leaking material to make sure it's not water.
try to find the source of the leak by smell.
park the vehicle, secure the area and send someone else for help.
9. As you approach off ramps and on ramps, remember:
to always brake and turn at the same time.
that the posted speed limit may not be safe for larger vehicles.
that downgrades make it easier to reduce speed.
10. If your vehicle does not have racks to hold cylinders of compressed gas, the cylinders must be:
held upright.
bundled together with steel strapping.
less than half of the cargo.
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Hazmat CDL Test (WA)

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
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