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Operating a motorcycle safely in traffic requires special skills and knowledge. To earn your motorcycle license in Alaska, you must pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. Knowledge test questions are based on information from the Alaska Motorcycle Operator Manual. The knowledge test consists of 25 questions. To pass you must correctly answer at least 20 questions (80%).
1. Gravel, steel plates and lane markings:
all provide poor traction.
all provide better traction than wet pavement.
are not slippery.
all provide excellent traction.
2. The rear brake is operated by:
the left food pedal.
the right handle.
the right foot pedal.
the left handle.
3. ______ helps make your downshifting smoother.
Applying the rear brake
Applying the front brake
All the above
Rolling on the throttle
4. To stop as quickly and as safely as possible in a curve, try to:
get the motorcycle as perpendicular to the road as possible.
grab the front brake.
increase your speed through the curve.
lean as much as possible.
5. Which of the following statements about braking is true?
The front brake is controlled by a foot lever.
Stop quickly by using both brakes.
The rear brake should only be used to slow down.
The rear brake has most of the stopping power.
6. Maximum straight-line braking is accomplished by:
fully applying both front and rear brakes without locking either wheel.
applying both brakes until the rear wheel locks.
applying the front brake and then the rear brake.
applying only the front brake.
7. The front brake is operated by ________________ .
the right foot pedal
the left foot pedal
the right hand lever
the left hand lever
8. When riding behind a car, which lane position makes you more visible to the driver ahead?
the right
the left
the center
9. You should check your tires:
once a week.
every time you ride your motorcycle.
once a month.
once a year.
10. Knowing when and how to stop or swerve are two critical skills in avoiding a crash. Most riders involved in a crash:
underbrake the rear tire and overbrake the front.
overbrake the rear tire and pull in the clutch.
separate braking from swerving.
underbrake the front tire and overbrake the rear.
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AK DMV Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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