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There are two ways to earn your motorcycle license in Georgia: 1) by successfully completing the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course, you will earn a License Test Waiver, which will allow you to bypass the knowledge test and the on-cycle skills test at a DDS Customer Service Center; 2) by passing required Motorcycle License tests, which include a special road signs test, a special road rules test and a riding test on a motorcycle. Knowledge test questions are based on information from the Georgia Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. The written test consists of questions about road rules and safe driving practices. You must score 75% or higher to pass.
1. What is the most efficient way to know what is going on behind you?
Carry a passenger to check for you.
Check your side mirrors frequently.
Stop and look around.
2. When preparing to enter the roadway from the roadside, how should you position your motorcycle?
At an angle
Perpendicular to the roadside
Parallel to the roadside
3. When passing a row of parked cars, it is important NOT to drive in ______ of the lane position(s).
the right
the center
4. Motorcycles should share lanes with cars when:
riding with other motorcycles.
It is never safe to share a lane with a car.
riding in a designated area only.
5. When you are riding at night, it is best to:
not use your headlight.
ride slower than you do during the day.
stay close behind the car in front of you.
6. Your body can be affected by alcohol after as little as ______ drink(s).
7. When riding, your clothing should be protective and:
loose fitting.
made of an approved material.
completely cover your arms and legs.
8. When it is raining, what is the best lane position for a motorcycle?
Left or right
Center or left
9. Always maintain a safe following distance of at least ______ seconds.
10. In a single lane of traffic, there are ______ lane positions for a motorcycle.
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GA DMV Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:15
Passing score:75%
Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:15
Passing score:75%
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