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Rhode Island requires a special license to operate a motorcycle. To earn your motorcycle license, you must complete a motorcycle safety course provided by the Community College of Rhode Island.
1. If your motorcycle starts to wobble, you should:
try to accelerate out of the wobble.
fight the wobble.
grip the handlebars firmly and roll off the throttle.
apply the brakes.
2. What does the SIPDE driver judgment acronym stand for?
See, identify, proceed, direct, examine
Scan, identify, proceed, direct, execute
See, identify, predict, decide, examine
Scan, identify, predict, decide, execute
3. The best colors for being seen are:
orange, red, yellow or green.
red and black.
black and white.
dark colors in general.
4. What controls the front brake?
The right foot pedal
The left hand lever
The right hand lever
The left foot pedal
5. Your motorcycle side mirrors should be adjusted:
before you start driving.
at the first stop after you start driving.
The mirrors are not adjustable.
while you are driving.
6. To help stabilize the motorcycle in a turn:
maintain or decrease your speed.
increase the throttle.
decrease the throttle.
apply the rear brake.
7. Tinted eye protection:
should be worn at all times.
is mandatory during the day.
should not be worn at night.
is mandatory for drivers only.
8. In a turn, maintaining or slightly increasing your speed:
should only be done when passing other vehicles.
is done while shifting gears.
helps stabilize the motorcycle.
is extremely dangerous.
9. If the throttle cable is stuck:
pull off the road.
twist the throttle back and forth several times.
check the belt/chain and sprockets.
apply both brakes.
10. When at an intersection, motorcycle riders must especially watch for:
rows of parked cars.
cars turning left in front of them.
irregular traffic signals.
people trying to share their lane.
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RI DMV Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
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Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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