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The school bus endorsement applies to applicants who wish to drive a school bus in any Class A or B CDL. To add an S endorsement to your CLP/CDL, you must pass the Arizona school bus test, and you must also pass skills tests in a school bus. The AZ CDL bus test consists of 20 questions, and you'll need at least 16 correct answers to pass (80%). The knowledge test covers the following sections of the Arizona CDL Manual: School Buses, Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Control Skills Test and Road Test. After studying, take this AZ CDL practice test to prepare for the actual bus test!
1. The stop signal arm and flashing red signals of a school bus must be used only:
in heavy traffic.
during sharp turns.
when the school bus is stopped on a street or highway to load or unload students.
2. When stopping, you should bring the school bus to a full stop how many feet away from students at the bus stop?
At least 50 feet
At least 5 feet
At least 10 feet
3. To avoid a hazard:
driving on the shoulder of the road is always the best thing to do.
stopping is always the best thing to do.
steering away from what is ahead may be the best thing to do.
4. Before driving your bus, make sure ________ do not have recapped or regrooved tires.
the rear wheels
the spare wheels
the front wheels
5. If there is a serious behavior problem on the bus, you should:
stop the bus in a safe location off the road, secure the bus and remind the offender of the expected behavior.
pull the bus over and put the student off the bus.
ask the student to move to the back of the bus and be respectful of others.
6. If the school bus is equipped with a handicap lift, you should:
look for bent, loose, or broken parts, such as tie rods.
test what happens under braking conditions.
look for damaged, leaking or missing parts and make sure that the lift is fully retracted and latched.
7. If your bus has a manual transmission:
never change gears while crossing railroad tracks.
cross the railroad tracks in a low gear.
All of the above.
8. Drivers should adjust their mirrors:
before driving.
while driving.
after driving.
9. To prevent getting sleepy while driving, you should:
keep cool by opening the window.
keep the cab warm.
drive alone whenever possible.
10. When students board, you should:
check all mirrors.
count the number of mirrors.
close the door.
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AZ CDL School Bus Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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