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Drivers who want to drive combination vehicles must pass the combination vehicles test. The Colorado CDL combination test consists of 20 questions, and you'll need at least 16 correct answers to pass (80%). The test covers the combination vehicles section of the Colorado CDL Manual. Take this practice test now to prepare for the actual CO CDL combination test!
1. What are the two basic reasons for covering cargo?
To protect people from spilled cargo and the cargo from weather.
To protect the cargo from pilferage and from weather.
To protect the cargo from weather and to avoid littering.
To protect people from spilled cargo and the cargo from pilferage.
2. Hanging meat in a refrigerated truck can be:
a very stable load if properly distributed.
a very stable load with a low center of gravity.
a very unstable load with a high center of gravity.
a very unstable load with a low center of gravity.
3. When you parkĀ trailers without spring brakes, you should use wheel chocks:
to keep the trailer from moving.
to preventĀ overheating.
to prevent air from escaping.
to prevent the transmission from shifting up.
4. If your truck has automatic transmission, you should downshift:
after entering a curve.
when going down grades.
when you need to accelerate.
whenever road conditions allow.
5. The first thing to do when coupling a tractor-semitrailer is to:
position the tractor.
inspect the fifth wheel.
check the trailer height.
lock the trailer brakes.
6. "Bobtail" tractors are:
tractors with two trailers.
tractors with a tank.
heavily loaded trailers.
tractors without semitrailers.
7. When checking the lights before driving:
the engine must be running.
you should check them from inside the vehicle.
make sure the parking brake is not set.
you should turn off the engine.
8. To reduce the chance of rollover, you should:
put the lightest parts of the cargo under the heaviest parts.
place the cargo as high as possible inside the trailer.
distributed the cargo as low as possible inside the trailer.
None of the above.
9. The emergency air line:
controls the emergency brakes on combination vehicles.
causes the tractor protection valve to close when the emergency line loses pressure.
supplies air to the trailer air tanks.
All of the above.
10. After starting the engine, oil pressure should rise to a normal level:
within 6 minutes.
within seconds.
within 3 miles.
within 2 minutes.
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CO CDL Combination Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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