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Safe riding requires knowledge and skill. To earn your motorcycle license in District of Columbia, you must pass both a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. The knowledge test includes questions on driving laws, rules of the road and safe riding practices, as well as information specific to two-wheeled vehicles. Knowledge test questions are based on information and ideas from the District of Columbia Motorcycle Operator Manual. The test consists of 25 questions, and a passing score consists of at least 20 correct answers (80%).
1. You are approaching a turn and need to change gears. When should you change gears?
After entering the turn
At any point before, after, or during the turn
Before entering the turn
During the turn
2. You should check your tires:
once a year.
once a month.
every time you ride your motorcycle.
once a week.
3. Most motorcycle crashes occur:
when changing lanes.
at lower speeds.
at higher speeds.
on multilane highways.
4. Wet pavement provides poor traction:
particularly just after it starts to rain.
at night.
especially in the tire tracks left by cars.
near the edge of the road.
5. The best lane position should:
provide an escape route.
All the other answers are correct.
avoid wind blast from other vehicles.
communicate your intentions.
6. If the front wheel locks:
keep it locked.
grab at the front brake.
release the front brake immediately, then reapply it.
roll on the throttle.
7. The front brake is operated by:
the left-foot pedal.
the right-hand lever.
the right-foot pedal.
the left-hand lever.
8. When you are being passed from behind, you should:
swerve as soon as you can.
ride on the shoulder of the road.
avoid moving into the portion of the lane farthest from the passing vehicle.
avoid riding in the center of the lane.
9. To increase your line of sight, you should ride in ______ lane position.
the left
the center
the right
10. If your motorcycle starts to wobble, do NOT:
leave the road as soon as you can.
roll off the throttle.
apply the brakes.
move your weight as far forward and down as possible.
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DC Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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