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Safe riding requires knowledge and skill. All persons requesting a Florida motorcycle endorsement are required to complete a basic motorcycle safety education course before obtaining a motorcycle endorsement or "Motorcycle Only" license. A person who successfully completes the Florida Motorcycle Rider Course shall be issued an endorsement if he or she is licensed to drive another type of motor vehicle. This test consists of 25 questions from the Florida Motorcycle Handbook, and you'll need 20 correct answers to pass (80%).
1. Which of the following should be checked before each ride?
Clutch and throttle
All of the above.
2. If your motorcycle starts to wander back and forth while riding over metal bridge gratings you should:
relax, stay on course, and ride straight across.
ride is in the center lane position.
downshift to a lower gear to improve stability.
proceed in a zigzag pattern until you cross the bridge.
3. Start your motorcycle with your right wrist:
4. While riding, when should you use both the front and rear brakes at the same time?
At all times, unless you have a flat tire
On hills and curves
Only in emergencies
5. Before riding, position yourself comfortably and sit far enough forward so that your arms are:
slightly bent when you hold the handgrips.
stretched out.
bent at a 120-degree angle.
6. When riding at night you should:
reduce your speed.
increase the following distance.
use your high-beam light, if possible.
All of the above.
7. You should operate the engine cut-off switch and pull in the clutch when:
the throttle is stuck and you cannot free it.
a tire goes flat.
you start to lose control in a curve.
the motorcycle starts to wobble.
8. You can help keep your balance while riding by:
sitting as far back as possible.
wearing light weight riding gear.
keeping your knees against the gas tank.
locking your elbows.
9. In potential high-risk areas, such as intersections and school zones, motorcycle riders should:
reduce the following distance.
pull in the clutch.
cover the clutch and the brake.
skim your feet along the ground.
10. To carry a passenger:
your motorcycle must be equipped with saddlebags.
they must have a special passenger license.
they are required to wear a face shield.
be sure your motorcycle is equipped with passenger footrests.
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FL Motorcycle Test Facts

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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