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To earn your motorcycle license in Indiana, you must pass both a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. Knowledge test questions are based on information from the Indiana Motorcycle Manual. They require that you know and understand road rules and safe riding practices. The knowledge examination consists of 25 questions, and 21 correct answers are required to pass.
1. When you carry a load, you should:
distribute the load evenly.
keep it high.
fasten the load securely with ropes.
pile loads against a sissy bar.
2. When you are being passed from behind, avoid being hit by:
extended side mirrors.
blasts of wind from larger vehicles.
objects thrown from windows.
All of the above.
3. The rear brake is operated by:
a button on the right-hand lever.
the right foot pedal.
the right-hand lever.
the left-hand lever.
4. Before taking a trip with your motorcycle, it is important to check:
the lights.
the mirrors.
the tires and wheels.
All of the above.
5. When riding in a group, ensure the group stays together by:
riding in a single-file formation.
pairing up.
placing beginners in the middle of the group.
checking your mirrors frequently.
6. When parked at the roadside, your motorcycle should be:
parked at an angle with your rear wheel touching the curb.
parked at an angle with the front wheel touching the curb.
None of the other answers is correct.
parked parallel to the curb.
7. If railroad tracks run parallel to your lane and you need to cross them, you should:
edge across the tracks.
cross the tracks at an angle of at least 90 degrees.
cross the tracks at an angle of 180 degrees.
cross the tracks at an angle of at least 45 degrees.
8. You should make a special point of using your mirror(s):
before you slow down.
before you change lanes.
All the other answers are correct.
when you are stopped at an intersection.
9. Car drivers are most likely to try to share your lane when:
traffic is heavy.
you are preparing to turn at an intersection.
they want to pass you.
All of the above.
10. When riding over rain grooves or bridge gratings that cause the motorcycle to weave, you should:
pull in the clutch.
relax, maintain a steady speed and ride straight across.
roll on the throttle.
apply the rear brake.
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IN Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:21
Passing score:84%
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