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Drivers who want to drive combination vehicles must pass the combination vehicles test. The Nevada CDL combination test consists of 20 questions, and you'll need at least 16 correct answers to pass (80%). The test covers the combination vehicles section of the Nevada CDL Manual. Take this practice test now to prepare for the actual NV CDL combination test!
1. Tar in the road pavement rising to the road surface in very hot weather:
causes the road to become very slippery.
might get in your engine.
is very sticky and will slow down your vehicle.
does not affect the road surface or driving conditions.
2. Hanging meat in a refrigerated truck can be:
a very stable load with a low center of gravity.
a very stable load if properly distributed.
a very unstable load with a high center of gravity.
a very unstable load with a low center of gravity.
3. When driving a combination vehicle, which of the following 2 things will help you prevent a rollover?
Keeping cargo near the center of the vehicle and driving slowly on the highway.
Keeping the cargo near the ground and driving slowly around turns.
Keeping cargo near the ground and driving slowly on the highway.
Keeping cargo near the center of the vehicle and driving slowly on turns.
4. If loose or missing, _______ may cause movement between the frame and fifth wheel assembly.
electric connectors
safety chains
mounting bolts
locking pins
5. If you get stuck on railroad tracks, you should:
have a helper push your vehicle.
check the engine compartment quickly.
get out of the vehicle and away from the tracks.
stay in the vehicle and call for help.
6. If you are being tailgated, you should:
speed up.
try to let the other vehicle pass.
turn on your taillights.
drive on the shoulder.
7. How many red reflective triangles should you carry?
8. ABS will:
not give you more control over the vehicle during braking.
increase your average speed.
not change your normal braking capability.
shorten your stopping distance.
9. Enough tread is especially important in winter conditions. You need at least ________ tread depth on steering axle tires.
8/32 inch
6/24 inch
4/32 inch
2/8 inch
10. The emergency air line:
causes the tractor protection valve to close when the emergency line loses pressure.
supplies air to the trailer air tanks.
controls the emergency brakes on combination vehicles.
All of the above.
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NV CDL Combination Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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