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To earn your motorcycle license in Nevada, you must pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. Knowledge test questions are based on information from the Nevada Motorcycle Manual. They require that you know and understand driving laws, road rules and safe riding practices. The Nevada motorcycle test consists of 25 questions. To pass you must correctly answer at least 20 questions (80%).
1. Motorcycle riders can improve their riding strategy by using the "SIPDE" process. SIPDE stands for:
Scan, Identify, Proceed, Direct, Execute
See, Identify, Predict, Decide, Examine
See, Identify, Process, Detect, Execute
Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute
2. When preparing to pass, you can increase your line of sight by:
increasing your speed.
staying in the center lane position.
riding in the left lane position
swerving from side to side.
3. When you are being passed from behind, you should:
avoid riding in the center of the lane.
avoid moving into the portion of the lane farthest from the passing vehicle.
swerve as soon as you can.
ride on the shoulder of the road.
4. Which of the following is true about carrying cargo on your motorcycle?
Attach the cargo to your gas tank.
Fill saddlebags evenly to prevent drifting.
Never carry cargo on a motorcycle.
Use ropes to secure the load.
5. When riding long distances, you should stop and get off the motorcycle at least every:
30 miles.
four hours.
round trip.
two hours.
6. When it starts to rain:
ride in the center lane position.
increase your speed to lessen your chances of skidding.
always ride in the left lane position.
ride in the tire tracks left by cars.
7. If your motorcycle starts to wobble, do NOT:
accelerate out of the wobble.
grip the handlebars firmly.
leave the road as soon as you can.
roll off the throttle.
8. To increase your chances of avoiding obstacles at night, you should:
grab at the front brake.
always ride in the center lane position.
reduce your speed.
ride in a staggered formation.
9. When you need to cross rail tracks that are parallel to you, how should you cross them?
At an angle of at least 45 degrees
At an angle of exactly 90 degrees
Never cross rail tracks parallel to your lane
Edge across the tracks
10. _______________ is the best way to lessen your chances of being involved in a collision.
Choosing the right helmet
Maintaining an adequate space cushion
Wearing protective clothing
Using your headlight
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NV DMV Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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