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To earn your motorcycle license in South Carolina, you must pass both a knowledge test and on-cycle skills test. Knowledge test questions are based on information in the South Carolina Motorcycle Manual. They require that you know and understand driving laws, road rules and safe riding practices. The South Carolina DMV motorcycle test consists of 30 questions, and at least 24 correct answers are required to pass.
1. ______ can affect your ability to ride a motorcycle.
Illegal drugs
All of the above.
2. At intersections, motorcycle riders must especially watch for:
blue traffic signs.
cars crossing their path.
3. Before riding a motorcycle, it's important to check:
All of the above.
4. The brake hydraulic fluid and coolant level should be checked:
once a year.
every week.
every month.
5. Head checks:
should not be made if you are riding a motorcycle.
should be your normal routine.
All the other answers are correct.
6. If your motorcycle starts to wobble, you should:
try to accelerate out of the wobble.
grip the handlebars firmly and roll off the throttle.
fight the wobble.
7. In slow tight turns:
sit as far back as possible.
lean the motorcycle only and keep your body straight.
increase your speed.
8. When you swerve, always:
brake before or after swerving.
brake before swerving.
brake after swerving.
9. When you slow more quickly than others might expect, you should:
sound your horn.
change your lane position.
flash your brake light.
10. You can ride your motorcycle between lanes of traffic:
in heavy traffic.
only in designated lanes.
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SC Motorcycle Test Facts

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
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