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California residents who drive on public roads and highways must have a California driver license. When you apply for a California license, you must present acceptable document(s) establishing your identity, residency, birthdate, and provide your social security number, if eligible. Examinations include a vision test, a knowledge test, and a driving test, if required. The CA DMV written test covers information found in the California Driver Handbook, including road rules, safe driving practices, and signs questions. The DMV knowledge test consists of 36 questions and you'll need 30 correct answers to pass (83%). Practice with this sample test to get ready for the official CA DMV practice permit test.
1. Your BAC depends on:
how much time passes between drinks.
how much alcohol you drink.
All of the above.
2. This sign indicates:
merging traffic sign
Divided highway ends
Merging traffic
Winding road
3. On a freeway, drivers should look farther ahead than they normally would on a city street:
because it takes 500 feet to stop a vehicle on a freeway.
in order to spot potential hazards and dangers ahead.
because there are multiple lanes.
4. If your car goes into water, you should:
wait for water to rush in and let it out in small breaths through your nose.
call the fire department immediately.
remove yourself before it starts to sink.
5. Who is most at risk?
Drivers who are fatigued.
Drivers who are driving on long, boring roads.
All of the above.
6. A driver cuts off another vehicle, or threatens another motorist or a pedestrian. These are examples of:
excessive driving
defensive driving
road rage
7. This regulatory road sign indicates that:
slower traffic keep right
The right hand lane is reserved for buses and car-pool vehicles.
Vehicles must slow down and stay in the right lane.
Slower vehicles traveling on multiple lane highways must stay in the right lane.
8. The ‘One Way’ sign means that:
one way sign
there is only one road that turns left at the intersection.
drivers must travel only in the direction of the arrow.
only vehicles turning left may travel in the direction of the arrow.
9. Driving slowly in front of traffic in the far left (last) lane on any freeway:
cannot result in a traffic citation.
saves lives by causing others to slow down, too.
can frustrate other drivers and make them angry.
10. You are approaching an intersection. The traffic signal light is flashing red. What should you do?
Cautiously continue driving through the intersection.
Stop before entering. Wait for the green light before proceeding.
Stop before entering, then proceed when safe.
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CA DMV Practice Test Facts

Number of questions: 36
Correct answers to pass:30
Passing score:83%
Minimum age to apply: 15 ½
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