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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or motorized bicycle on public road and highways in Arkansas is required to have a license or certificate. Every applicant is required to pass a vision test before issuance of a driver's license or learner’s permit. The written test covers the information found in the AR DMV Driver License Manual, including rules of the road, traffic laws, road signs and safe driving practices. The Arkansas DMV written test consists of 25 questions and you'll need 20 correct answers to pass (80%).
1. _________________ your mirrors when you prepare to change lanes.
Always rely on
Never use
Never depend on
2. When driving on the highway behind large trucks, you should:
increase your following distance.
drive to the right side of the truck and pass it quickly.
drive closer behind the truck than you would for a passenger vehicle.
3. If you see orange construction signs and cones on a freeway, you must:
be prepared for workers and equipment ahead.
make a U-turn because the lane ends ahead.
maintain your current speed while changing lanes.
4. This road sign means:
winding road sign
Pedestrian Crossing
Multiple Turns
Winding road
5. This road sign means:
slippery road sign
Steep downgrade
Slippery when wet
Road curves ahead
6. Excessive speed:
helps you to maneuver around obstacles.
saves time so you can get to your destination more quickly.
increases the likelihood of serious bodily injuries and death.
7. Braking distance is how far a vehicle travels:
when pumping the brakes.
before the driver hits the brakes.
while the driver is braking.
8. To avoid hydroplaning, drivers should:
apply the brakes firmly.
drive at a constant speed.
slow down.
9. The basic color for traffic control devices used in construction zones is:
10. Which signs have black letters on a yellow or orange background?
Regulatory signs (vertical rectangle)
Warning signs (diamond)
Railroad advance warning signs (round)
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AR DMV Permit Practice Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 14
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