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To obtain your motorcycle license in Illinois, you must pass both a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. If you are 16-17 you are required to pass a motorcycle driving course approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation. If you are 18 or older and you successfully completed an IDOT Motorcycle Rider Education Course, you are not required to pass a written or driving test. Knowledge test questions are based on information and ideas from the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual. The test consists of 15 questions, and at least 12 correct answers (80%) are required to pass.
1. In Illinois, motorcycle riders are:
not required to wear a helmet.
required to wear a helmet only at night.
required to wear a helmet in designated areas.
are required to wear a helmet at all times.
2. The rear brake is operated by:
the right-hand lever.
a foot pedal.
a button on the right-hand lever.
the left-hand lever.
3. While riding your motorcycle, you spot something unavoidable in your path on the road ahead. You should:
slow down as much as possible.
All of the other answers are correct.
line up as much as you can to hit the object straight on.
hold on firmly to the handlebar.
4. Which of the following provide(s) the best traction for motorcycles?
Wet pavement
Warm pavement
Gravel roads
5. Motorcycle collisions are most frequent:
at intersections.
on entrance ramps.
on multi-lane highways.
in school zones.
6. The gearshift lever is located:
by the right handgrip.
in front of the right footrest.
by the left handgrip.
in front of the left footrest.
7. You can avoid obstacles in your path by:
sliding or swerving.
stopping or swerving.
sliding or skidding.
stopping or skidding.
8. When you swerve, always:
brake before swerving.
brake after swerving.
brake while swerving.
brake before or after swerving.
9. When you have a tire failure, you must remember to:
avoid using the brake of the flat tire.
use the flat tire brake only.
pull the engine kill switch.
slow down with both brakes.
10. Gravel, steel plates and lane markings:
all provide excellent traction.
all provide poor traction.
all provide better traction than wet pavement.
are not slippery.
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IL DMV Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 15
Correct answers to pass:12
Passing score:80%
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