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To obtain your motorcycle license in Illinois, you must pass both a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. If you are 16-17 you are required to pass a motorcycle driving course approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation. If you are 18 or older and you successfully completed an IDOT Motorcycle Rider Education Course, you are not required to pass a written or driving test. Knowledge test questions are based on information and ideas from the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual. The test consists of 15 questions, and at least 12 correct answers (80%) are required to pass.
1. If you approach a blind intersection:
make sure you are not being followed.
pull away from the curb without checking for traffic behind.
move to the portion of the lane that will bring you into another driver’s field of vision as soon as possible.
you should make a U-turn as soon as possible.
2. You can increase your visibility to ther drivers by:
Wearing reflective clothing
Keeping both feet on the pegs.
Increasing your following distance
Rising slightly off the seat with your weight on the foot pegs
3. You should check your mirrors when you are:
about to slow down.
about to change lanes.
stopped at an intersection.
in any of the above situations.
4. When someone follows too closely, you should:
pull over and stop.
flash your brake lights.
change lanes and let them pass.
sound your horn.
5. Which of the following are acceptable protective clothing for motorcycle riding?
Boots, shorts, and a leather jacket
Sturdy jacket, boots, and gloves
Jeans, T-shirt, and a helmet
Gloves, bright shoes, and a denim jacket
6. If your motorcycle starts to wobble, do NOT:
apply the brakes.
grip the handlebars firmly.
move your weight as far forward and down as possible.
roll off the throttle gradually to slow down.
7. You should check your tires:
once a week.
every time you ride your motorcycle.
once a year.
once a month.
8. Which of the following provide(s) the best traction for motorcycles?
Wet pavement
Gravel roads
Warm pavement
9. When parked next to a curb, your motorcycle should be positioned:
at an angle with the rear wheel touching the curb.
at an angle with the front wheel touching the curb.
None of the other answers is correct.
parallel to the curb.
10. If you encounter a large surface so slippery that you must coast:
gradually increase your speed.
consider letting your feet skim along the surface.
sit as far back as possible.
warn other drivers that you will make a sudden move.
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IL Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 15
Correct answers to pass:12
Passing score:80%
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