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When applying for an Illinois driver’s license, you may be required to complete a vision screening, as well as written and driving exams. The IL DMV practice permit test covers the contents of the Illinois Driver's Handbook. It requires you to identify traffic signs, signals and pavement markings, and answer questions about traffic laws, driving and safety rules, vehicle equipment and crash prevention. The Illinois DMV written test consists of 35 questions, 15 of which will address traffic sign identification. To pass the test, you must correctly answer at least 28 questions.
1. Illinois drivers can use a cellphone that is not hands-free only:
While parked on the shoulder of a road.
To report an emergency situation.
All of the above.
2. ______ is used for parks and recreation signs.
3. The ‘Slower Traffic Keep Right’ sign is used:
in school zones.
on multilane highways.
at most intersections.
4. If driving in foggy weather, drivers should turn on their high-beams to increase the field of vision.
5. This sign warns that:
reduction of lanes sign
the bridge ahead is wide enough for only one vehicle at a time.
traffic must merge left.
traffic must merge right.
6. Where are yield signs usually placed?
Where major roads lead into auxiliary roads.
At intersections, if there is no marked stop line.
Where auxiliary roads lead into major roads.
7. This sign means:
no parking between
Parking is not allowed at 8:30 AM and at 5:30 PM.
No parking between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM.
You can only park between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM.
8. How can you prevent fatigue on a long trip?
Plan to drive long trips with a companion.
Get enough sleep.
All of the above.
9. While you are in an intersection waiting to make a left turn, the traffic signal light turns red. You should:
wait in the intersection until the light turns green again.
back up from the intersection after making sure it is clear.
yield to oncoming traffic and complete the turn.
10. What happens if two vehicles reach at the same time an intersection with four-way stop signs?
The first vehicle to reach the intersection must yield.
The driver on the right yields to the driver on the left.
The driver on the left yields to the driver on the right.
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IL DMV Practice Test Facts

Number of questions: 35
Correct answers to pass:28
Passing score:80%
Signs questions:15
Minimum age to apply: 15
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