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When applying for an Illinois driver’s license, you may be required to complete a vision screening, as well as written and driving exams. The IL DMV practice permit test covers the contents of the Illinois Driver's Handbook. It requires you to identify traffic signs, signals and pavement markings, and answer questions about traffic laws, driving and safety rules, vehicle equipment and crash prevention. The Illinois DMV written test consists of 35 questions, 15 of which will address traffic sign identification. To pass the test, you must correctly answer at least 28 questions.
1. All vehicles operated in Illinois must be covered by liability insurance.
2. When you want to make a right turn, your vehicle must be:
close to the left side of the street.
near the center of the street.
close to the right side of the street.
3. What does a flashing left yellow arrow mean?
flashing left yellow arrow
Only right turns are allowed.
Vehicles turning left must stop if they can. The light will soon be red.
Left turns are allowed. Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
4. This sign indicates:
merging traffic sign
Merging traffic
Winding road
Divided highway ends
5. A steady yellow light means:
Drive with caution.
Be prepared to go. The light will soon be green.
Be prepared to stop for the red light.
6. Pink is used for:
Traffic incident signs.
Parks and recreation signs.
Guide signs
7. You must signal continuously during the last ____ feet before making a turn.
8. These are:
route signs
speed limit signs.
route signs.
miles-left signs.
9. When passing a truck, you should let the driver know you are passing by honking your horn.
10. What do pennant-shaped signs indicate?
A No Passing Zone
A school crossing
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IL DMV Permit Test Facts

Number of questions: 35
Correct answers to pass:28
Passing score:80%
Signs questions:15
Minimum age to apply: 15
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