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When applying for an Illinois driver’s license, you may be required to complete a vision screening, as well as written and driving exams. The IL DMV practice permit test covers the contents of the Illinois Driver's Handbook. It requires you to identify traffic signs, signals and pavement markings, and answer questions about traffic laws, driving and safety rules, vehicle equipment and crash prevention. The Illinois DMV written test consists of 35 questions, 15 of which will address traffic sign identification. To pass the test, you must correctly answer at least 28 questions.
1. This yellow sign means:
merging traffic sign
Undivided highway ahead
Lane ends ahead
Merging traffic ahead
2. This sign warns drivers that:
double curve sign
there is a double curve ahead.
the highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways. Drivers should keep to the right.
there is a winding road ahead.
3. Regardless of fault, a crash report must be filed by the driver of a vehicle if the crash involves property damage of more than $500.
4. Green signs:
tell you about services along the roadway.
tell you where you are, which way to go and the distance.
alert you to possible dangers ahead due to unplanned traffic incidents.
5. Before crossing any railroad tracks, you must:
look and listen for trains.
make sure there is room for your vehicle on the other side.
All of the above.
6. When passing a bicyclist who is riding on the road, you must keep a minimum of ______ between your vehicle and the bicyclist or pedestrian.
6 feet
3 feet
5 feet
7. This sign means:
school sign
The driver is near a school and should watch for children.
Business area nearby. Watch for business people.
There is a work zone ahead. Watch for workers.
8. If you remain in the back blind spot of a large vehicle:
the large vehicle will take much longer to stop.
you increase the chance of a crash.
you can reduce fuel consumption.
9. Your driver’s license may be revoked for:
Illegally racing with another vehicle.
Illegal transportation of alcohol
Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle using audible and visual signals.
10. Which sign has white letters on a red background?
School zone
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IL DMV Knowledge Test Facts

Number of questions: 35
Correct answers to pass:28
Passing score:80%
Signs questions:15
Minimum age to apply: 15
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