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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public streets and roads in Iowa is required to have a driver’s license or learner’s permit. Iowa requires that you pass a vision screening before you get a driver’s license or learner’s permit. The IA DMV written test covers the contents of the Iowa Driver's Manual including highway signs, road rules, and safe driving techniques. The Iowa DMV knowledge test consists of 35 questions, and you'll need at least 28 correct answers to pass (80%). Practice with this sample test to get ready for the official IA driver's license test.
1. What shape is a speed limit sign?
Vertical rectangle
2. A crosswalk is:
an area designated for blind persons.
a special type of 4-way intersection.
the area where pedestrians may cross the road.
3. At a light rail intersection, you should always:
be alert and obey all traffic signals.
share the road with pedestrians and bicyclists.
look both ways before crossing the tracks.
All of the above.
4. When an aggressive driver confronts you, you should:
Remain calm and relaxed.
Try to move away safely.
Report aggressive drivers to law enforcement authorities.
All of the above.
5. The traffic light is green and you want to drive straight through an intersection. If a car is already in the intersection and is making a turn, you must:
enter the intersection and then stop.
let that car complete its turn before you enter the intersection.
drive through the intersection. You have the right-of-way.
wait for the next green light.
6. This sign means:
reduction of lanes sign
narrow bridge ahead.
divided highway ahead.
road construction.
lane ends, merge left.
7. Drivers must yield for emergency vehicles:
when they see a flashing red or blue light or hear a siren.
only when other vehicles yield.
None of the above.
8. This road sign means:
y intersection
A four-way intersection is ahead
A road joins from the right
The road ends ahead
“Y” intersection ahead
9. When approaching any intersection or driveway, drivers should:
drive at the fastest speed just before entering the intersection.
look both ways and be ready to stop.
change lanes.
pass other vehicles and then stop.
10. If you become sleepy while driving you should:
get some rest or change drivers.
drink coffee.
open a window.
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IA DMV Knowledge Test

Number of questions: 35
Correct answers to pass:28
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 14
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