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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public streets and roads in Iowa is required to have a driver’s license or learner’s permit. Iowa requires that you pass a vision screening before you get a driver’s license or learner’s permit. The IA DMV written test covers the contents of the Iowa Driver’s Manual including highway signs, road rules, and safe driving techniques. The Iowa DMV knowledge test consists of 35 questions, and you need at least 28 correct answers to pass (80%). Practice with this sample test to get ready for the official IA driver's license test.
1. This sign means:
traffic signal ahead sign
Traffic signal ahead
The traffic signal is not operational
Open intersection ahead
No traffic signal ahead
2. You are approaching an intersection with a yellow flashing light. You should:
make a U-turn; the intersection is closed.
stop and wait for the light to change.
prepare to stop; the light is about to turn red.
drive carefully through the intersection.
3. This road sign means:
side road sign
Merging Traffic
Side Road
All traffic must go straight ahead
4. To reduce their chances of colliding with an animal, drivers should:
look well down the road and far off to each side.
Slow down when approaching animals that are standing near the road.
use flashers to warn other drivers when animals are spotted near the road.
All of the above.
5. Warning signs normally are:
6. This road sign means:
cross road sign
Side road
Lane change
Church ahead
Intersection ahead
7. Which of the following is true about the Anti-Locking Brake System?
It prevents skidding.
It allows drivers to steer during an emergency braking situation.
Can help improve vehicle stability.
All of the above.
8. Which is the correct sequence of events as a school bus driver prepares to stop to load or unload children?
The bus driver activates red flashing lights at the top of the bus, and then activates amber flashing lights when the children are unloaded or seated.
Amber lights flash at the top of the bus, the bus stops as red lights flash, a stop arm goes out and the door opens for the school children.
The bus driver may do any sequence he or she desires.
9. This road sign means:
stay right sign
Keep to the side indicated by the arrow
Side road
Low shoulder
You may drive in the left lane
10. Before turning, you should:
use your signal.
increase your speed.
turn the wheel.
change lanes.
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IA DMV Practice Test Facts

Number of questions: 35
Correct answers to pass:28
Passing score:80%
Number of questions: 35
Correct answers to pass:28
Passing score:80%
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