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Safe riding requires knowledge and skill. To earn your motorcycle license in Kansas, you must pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. The knowledge test includes questions on rules of the road, driving laws and safe riding practices, as well as information specific to two-wheeled vehicles. Knowledge test questions are based on information and ideas from the Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual. The test consists of 25 questions, and you'll need at least 20 correct answers to pass.
1. Car drivers are most likely to try to share your lane when:
they want to pass you.
traffic is heavy.
All of the above.
2. To avoid fatigue, you should:
drink coffee at least every two hours.
avoid using a windshield.
stop at least every two hours.
3. You should check your tires:
once a year.
every time you ride your motorcycle.
once a month.
4. Motorcycle riders should maintain an adequate space cushion when following other vehicles:
at all times.
in heavy traffic.
in school zones.
5. The __________ provides most of your motorcycle's stopping power.
front brake
6. In the SEE strategy, "Evaluate" means to think about:
how hazards can interact to create risks for you.
road and surface characteristics.
All of the above.
7. ______________ before you slow down to help others notice you.
Rise slightly off the seat with your weight on the foot pegs
Use your horn
Flash your brake light
8. ______ can cause your motorcycle to wobble.
Improper loading of cargo
Carrying a passenger
Improper braking technique
9. In normal turns, you should:
remain upright while the motorcycle leans.
lean at the same angle as the motorcycle.
lean in the opposite direction.
10. When preparing to pass the vehicle ahead, increase your line of sight by:
increasing your speed.
getting the tailgater in front of you.
riding in the left lane position.
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KS Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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